How Better Leaders are Built Behind the Scenes

Image courtesy of imagery majestic

Image courtesy of imagery majestic

A BackSeat Leader’s joy is derived from behind the scenes jobs that are unseen that most often go unnoticed without any recognition or immediate reward. How can one be so joyful about this behind the scenes leadership journey?

BackSeat Leaders understand that the journey to leadership is more about the development of their character. They have discovered a promising path that has no ladders to climb, hoops to jump through, or requires them to compromise their values and what’s important to them. I call this God’s  leadership development plan.

Through out history, God has raised up leaders that nobody saw coming:

  • Abraham became a promising leader well past his “best” years.
  • Joseph passed the test of the pit, Potiphar’s wife and the prison before he became a prominent leader.
  • Moses was tending his father-in-law’s flock before he became Israel’s deliverer.
  • Joshua’s courageous faith was sparked on a secret missions trip into Canaan long before he became the courageous leader that led the children of Israel to cross the Jordan to possess it.
  • Gideon was hiding from the enemy in a winepress, threshing wheat and considered himself a big zero before the Angel of the Lord called him to be a “mighty hero.”
  • David protected his father’s sheep, killing a lion and a bear before he ever killed Goliath.

Today, God is still raising up leaders that nobody sees coming through the ranks. They are content with their current assignment. Serving what seems to be unimportant.  Diligently doing their duties for no one to see. Faithfully showing up when no one else does.  For BackSeat Leaders it may not be where they want to be, but they are learning all they can to become the leader God is calling them to be. BackSeat Leader’s that are being built behind the scenes are on God’s radar and here’s why.

1. BackSeat Leaders have first been great with little things. It takes great faith to believe God for great things when you’ve been asked to be faithful in the little things. God’s word makes it very clear. Be faithful with little and you will be trusted with much. BackSeat leaders don’t discount small things. They understand the small things will lead to bigger things.

2. BackSeat Leaders have a servants heart.  God promotes leaders that have a heart to serve. If one were to spiritually dissect a servants heart they would first find humility. God elevates the humble leader and resists the proud leader. The lower you go as a leader the higher God will take you. That does not mean he will necessarily put you on the center stage, but it does mean you will be in the center of His will has a leader.

3.  BackSeat Leaders have passed many tests. Look again at the list of leaders above. Everyone of those biblical heroes had to pass a test before they became great leaders. Abraham had to pass the “Im too old test.” Joseph had to pass the “life’s not fair test.” Moses had to pass the “I’m working for my Father-in-Law test.” Joshua had to pass the “discouragement test.” Gideon had to pass the “I’m from the other side of the tracks test.” David had to pass the “why am I always being overlooked test.” God had a unique test for each of these history making leaders and He is still handing those tests out today.

The greatest accomplishment for a Backseat Leader is traveling on this leadership journey knowing that God is with them every step of the way. Let me encourage you if you are in the BackSeat at this very moment. God sees what nobody else sees. God wants you to be satisfied in the season you are in,  and you are going to pass the test you are currently taking.  God leadership program is not without reward!

What brings you the most satisfaction when you are working behind the scenes?



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    Hey Dean,

    Yes and amen to all that you posted here. For years I served as a backseat leader and would be been fully content with it until the Lord stilled me to take a more visible role. Much can be achieved for the Lord from the backseat. As a front seat leader, good backseat leaders are pure “gold”. We could not do it without them! Great post!

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