How to Choke the Life Out of Your Organization

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic

I know this post may only appeal to a small niche, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this issue over the weekend.

If you want to choke the life out of your organization hire positional leaders instead of servant leaders.

Here are six contrasts between a positional leader and a servant leader:

A positional leader determines their success based on where they are at on the org chart, the servant leader’s success is based on charting the course and understanding where the organization is at . The positional leader has a hard time looking beyond themselves, but a servant is first concerned about the status of the organization.

A positional leader is defined by a title, a servant leader is defined by a towel. A positional leader is always the last to show up and the first to leave.  No job is too small for a servant leader, they will do whatever it takes to see the organization succeed.

A positional leader leads from the past, a servant leader leads for the present. A positional leader will be sure to tell you about all of their accolades and all they have achieved, but a servant leader never settles for personal success and desire the other’s success more than their own.

A positional leader is focused on their paycheck, a servant leader is focused on the purpose of the organization. You can never pay a positional leader enough because they over value their worth. On the contrary, you cannot afford to lose a servant leader because they bring value to your organization. Think about that one.

A positional leader is more concerned about policy, a servant leader is more concerned about people. Their is always a tension between policy and people, but when in doubt policy should never win over relationship with people. Policies should be created as guidelines, not defining lines. Policies should be broken before people are broken.

A positional leader wants to control people, a servant leader wants to empower people. A positional leader leads with fear tactics and distances himself from others, a servant leader is motivated by love and  leads by laying his life down for others.

Is your organization in a choke hold? It’s not okay!  


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    “…you cannot afford to lose a servant leader because they bring value to your organization.” True, true!

    Can’t put a price tag on servant leaders! Great post…

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