How to Change Your Atmosphere

Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles

Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles

Culture is defined as the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. The characteristic features of everyday existence shared by people in a place or time. The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.

I think culture is one of the most misunderstood things in the church today.  We talk about being culturally relevant:

  • Music Style
  • Preaching Style
  • Service Style
  • Ministry Style
  • Leadership Style

All these things are important but they help shape culture they don’t create it.

Kingdom Culture is cultivated and released by the human heart through heart attitudes. Attitudes create an atmosphere where values are formed, vision is realized and vessels are released to bring God glory.

That is why culture, a set of shared attitudes, is the most powerful factor in any church, ministry or organization.

“The fact is, culture eats strategy for lunch. You can have a good strategy in place, but if you don’t have the culture and the enabling systems, the negative culture of the organization will defeat the strategy.” – Executive Leadership Magazine

Vision and Strategy are about what we want to produce. Culture is about people.

The most valuable asset in the any organization is the way people are treated, the way we treat others, and the response to leadership that God has put in place.

If the air (atmosphere) is clean and healthy, people thrive and the vision and strategy prosper, but if the atmosphere is toxic because the output of our hearts isn’t healthy, energy subsides,creativity lags, conflicts multiply, and production declines.

My case and point is the Oakland Raiders. They’ve lived up to the atmosphere they’ve created and they haven’t made the playoffs since 2002.  Attitude creates Atmosphere! 


John Maxwell has said, “that if you want to change your altitude, change your attitude.” If you want to see the culture of your home, business, church, organization change, it has nothing to do with the furniture, motivational art, or color of the walls. It has to do with attitudes deep seeded in the hearts of people. When the heart attitudes of people change it creates atmospheres people want to be in.

What can you do this week to change your attitude and create and a positive atmosphere? 


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    “That is why culture, a set of shared attitudes, is the most powerful factor in any church, ministry or organization.” Profound words my friend! We all contribute to the culture around us, nobody can excuse themselves.

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