How to Simplify the Kind of Goals You're Setting for 2014

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles via

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles via

I’ve seen a lot of posts and podcasts centered on giving instruction on how to set personal goals for 2014, but there is not much out there concerning what kind of goals people should be setting for themselves.  Here are three areas of focus that will help you determine what your goals are and simplify and achieve the goals you set for the upcoming year.

I generally set goals that focus on 5 areas everyone has in common. My goal setting pattern is derived from the the greatest commandment that Jesus gave in scripture, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”  This helps me sort, simplify and prioritize my goals according to the Golden Rule.

1. Passionate Goals – When setting passionate goals I first consider my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If my heart, the spiritual hub of my life, is in alignment with God’s heart I have found that the other goals I set  are much easier to determine.  I’m asking God what He wants me to accomplish in my life instead of coming up with goals on my own and asking him to help me accomplish them. My passion goals will tend to focus on my spiritual life. For example these goals may include reading the bible through in a year, journaling, scheduled times of fasting and prayer, quiet times, etc. Spiritual goals really light a fire of passion in our hearts that help bring clarity in setting goals.

2. Soul Goals – When considering goals for the soul I examine my emotional health. If you are not emotionally healthy you will not make good decisions in the upcoming year. Am I stressed? Am I quick tempered? How am I treating my wife, my kids? Am I surrounded by healthy people? Answering these questions honestly will help you determine goals for wholeness. This may look like a sabbatical, an extended vacation, a planned day off, a family night, a date night, attending a support group or small group in your church. Soul goals help us get in a better place emotionally. Emotional stress is one of the leading goal killers.

3. Physical Goals – I always try to start my physical goals after Halloween after the candy binge because I don’t want gain 10-15 pounds during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This last year I had a lot of back issues that I want to avoid this year, so I had a goal to find a new exercise that worked for me. For the last couple of months I’ve been cycling my way to better health. I then set a goal of exercising three times a week which I’ve accomplished three weeks in a row! I’m in a groove and I’m thinking about upping my goal to 4-5 times a week. I have discovered when I’m feeling good physically it helps me emotionally with stress. I will even prayer during my workouts which benefits my passionate goals.

4. Mental Goals –  A lifestyle of learning is what I set my mental goals around. My mental goals are not just to obtain more knowledge, but include real life experiences that make be wiser not just smarter. Mental goals include reading books and blogs, being mentored by people that inspire me, writing posts for my personal blog which helps me to clear my mind and extract the extraordinary from my everyday life.  When I set goals to learn I grow to new levels of understanding.

5. Others Focused Goals – “Others focused” goals usually are based on my ministry or service to others. What can I do to help others accomplish their goals? From helping friends start their own blogs, to helping them with creative ideas and the skills and talents I’ve been blessed with. When I set “others focused” goals many times others will help me with my goals. I believe that you reap what you sow. I do a lot of sowing into others, knowing that you can’t go wrong when helping other people.

These are 5 things I’ve identified that have helped me simplify what kind of personal goals I set for myself. I hope that it will help you this upcoming year in determining what areas you should be focusing on.

What are some of your goals for 2014? Did this post help you at all? Would love to get your feedback on this post! Have an incredible week!


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