When You Don't Have Words to Say

Life can be difficult.  Pain at times seems inevitable.  Everyone will experience it. No one can avoid it. The unexplainable. The questionable. The mysterious. The tragic.

It is in these times when we look helplessly for words that cannot soothe, heal or bring hope. We find ourselves speechless, grasping for words that just aren’t appropriate, meaningful or ministering. We feel obligated to say something, so we wrestle to find words that will work wonders but often times leave us wondering if they worked at all.

So what can we say when we don’t have the words to say? Nothing.  Last night I watched a powerful video that brought me to tears and I wanted to share it with The Backseat Leader Community.

Dom Tiberi, a local Ohio newscaster, lost his daughter in a tragic auto accident. Upon his return the entire Ohio State football team welcomed him after his first game back hug after hug after hug. When family and friends and loved ones have suffered loss and we are at a loss for words the temptation is to find the right thing to say,  yet many times it’s our presence alone, that brings assurance and comfort to those walking through life’s storms.

Many times our actions will speak louder than any words we could ever conjure up. If you’ve been avoiding a situation because you don’t know what to say, a hug may be speak volumes.

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  1. Hulog, Cherry@EDD says

    This ministers to me each time it shows up in my Inbox.
    Thank you ~ God bless you!!

    Cher Hulog
    Mainframe Programmer/Analyst
    EDD • ITB • ADD • MIC 79-5
    Work Phone: 916.654.7515

    He doesn’t call the qualified – He qualifies the called.

  2. says

    Your so right! If fact sometimes when were reaching out to someone who has suffered a loss, the words we may use may bring on discomfort rather then comfort. Rather pray that the Holy Spirit may come into their lives, and help them through this painful period. They do need our presence, and a occasional hug. Also a suggestion may be just a cold cup of water.

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