5 Reasons Why I'm Launching a Facebook "LIKE" Page

Image Courtesy of FrameAngel via @FreeDigitalPhotos.com

Image Courtesy of FrameAngel via @FreeDigitalPhotos.com

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been contemplating it for months, but today I am launching a Facebook “LIKE page. Here is why:

1. I’m Launching the BackSeat Leader Brand – If you don’t know what a BackSeat Leader is and you don’t care to know the good news is you DON’T  HAVE TO “LIKE” it. The BackSeat Leader “LIKE” page is for those that have enjoyed my BackSeat Leader blog content over that last 3-4 years and find it encouraging an applicable to their life.  Although you will still see my blogposts on my personal page, the “LIKE” page will have more of my content, including all things pertaining to leadership, audio message links, podcasts I’m helping produce, and other blogs and articles I think you would add value to you.

2. I’m Building the BackSeat Leader CommunityI believe some of the best leaders in the world are the people behind the scenes serving some of the best leaders in the world. You may not be the Lead Pastor, CEO, or Point Person of your organization, but your role as a leader is recognizably valuable to the success of your organization. Though my focus is encouraging leaders at all levels I especially have a heart for leaders in the backseat. If you feel like your work goes unnoticed, you are undervalued, or you just would like to know how to better function in your current role, you should “LIKE” the BackSeat Leader page.

3. I’m Filtering My Friends and Fans- I really don’t want thousands of “friends” on my personal Facebook page. I really enjoy the intimate connections I have with friends, family, colleagues on my personal page.  Since most of my FB friends on my personal page are way more interested in how my kids did at their latest sporting event than my leadership stuff,  my “LIKE” page is specifically for the hundreds of FANS of my BackSeat Leader blog. If you are a leadership junkie and you don’t care what I ate for breakfast, that I’m at my first rodeo, or who is leading worship at my church, “LIKE” the BackSeat Leader page and it will take you straight to my content! If your not a FAN please remain my FRIEND!

4. I Will be Developing Product for My Fans –  I don’t want to mix business with pleasure, so in the future my “LIKE” page will inform my fans of resources I’m providing specifically for my community. I don’t want my FB friends to think I’m always trying to give or sell them something. “LIKE my page if you like FREE stuff or want to be informed about other opportunities that will help expand your leadership.

5. I’m Focusing on Encouraging Leaders – Ten years ago I was at one of the lowest points in my life as a leader. I was discouraged, depressed, defeated and any other “D” word you can think of.  As I was driving home from work feeling very alone, a thought came to me that has stuck with me ever since. “There are lonely leaders just like you that need to be lifted up and built up.” A short time after that I started blogging. The BackSeat Leader blog has been therapy for me, but also is a tool for encouraging and building up leaders. If you need to be encouraged and built up as a leader “LIKE” the BackSeat Leader page.

So there you have it. Don’t worry,  I don’t think I’m famous, I’m just trying to be a little more focused in pursuing a dream that God deposited in my heart! I hope you “LIKE” it!

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