Why Leading Through Hard Stuff is Tough

Courtesy of arztsamui @ freedigitalphots.net

Courtesy of arztsamui @ freedigitalphots.net

Have you ever had to lead through some hard stuff? Transitions, change, problems, relational difficulties, financial set backs are just some of the hard things God calls leaders to lead others through. Did you catch that? 

Could it be the hard stuff you are up against as a leader, the tough stuff that is causing you to seek God more, pray more, and read His Word more; be the very thing that’s going to help you as a leader help somebody else. You see God never leads you to something He’s not going to bring you through. God knows when He brings YOU through, YOUR leadership will lead others to breaking through.

Be encouraged! The degree of difficulty you’re facing as a leader is not just about you, it’s about others! Defying these difficulties will determine the trajectory of your leadership. Your progression as a leader is determined by the problems you solve. If there were no problems there would be no need for leaders.

The reason why the hard stuff is getting harder, the tough stuff is getting tougher and the path your traveling on seems so problematic is because it’s going to catapult you as a leader and those who follow you to new levels of effectiveness and influence.  As a leader, God calls us upward so that we can move people forward.

In Philippians 3:14 – 15 Paul is inspiring others through his leadership by writing letters from prison.  He wrote, ” I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Therefore let US, as many as are mature, have this MIND…”

Paul was in chains, but was focused on helping others change their mentality. He was behind bars, but was helping others break out of their dead traditions. He was in a dark cell but was helping others find their destiny. Paul allowed the hard stuff he was experiencing to become part of his leadership highlight reel.

Today, you may not be in chains, yet you do have some challenges. You may not be behind bars, but there are some barriers you’ve been up against.  You are not in a dark cell, but your having a hard time seeing the light in your situation. The question you should be asking as a leader is not, “WHY I am I going through this?”, but WHO am I going to help when I get through this?” The personal pain and process you are currently experiencing as a leader is to help the people around you make progress in their own lives. 

Who are going to help when you get through this hard stuff?



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    Great topic and profound concluding thoughts! It can be so easy to fall into a pity party during tough times but focusing on “WHO” we’re going to help is great neutralizer to keep us growing and to keep us from focusing on ourselves too much. Good stuff!

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