The Top 5 Unspoken Struggles in Your Church

Image Courtesy of njaj /

Image Courtesy of njaj /

If you are looking for real life issues to address in an upcoming sermon series we discovered the Top 5 Struggles people are wanting to be set free from. This was NOT done through a survey. Instead these are actual confessions that were anonymously written down and nailed to a cross in the context of an altar call that challenged people to clean out the closets of their past. Here are the most frequent skeletons that were pulled out of the closet:

  1. Guilt
  2. Parenting
  3. Extra Marital Affairs
  4. Anger
  5. Sexual Sin

On Monday I will give you the entire list of The Top 50 Struggles Your Sermons Don’t Solve. I’m sure you can guess a few that will be on the list, but your going to be shocked to find out what people really are struggling with…or maybe you wont!

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