5 Ways I'm Blogging to a Better Life

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Three years ago I set up a Blogger account to simply create a living photo album of our family to keep friends and family updated with the Deguara family’s current events.  Much too my surprise not to many people were interested in our exciting lives (you can laugh) and I began to recognize that Facebook was the friends and family connector. I enjoyed writing; however, so I began to shift the focus of my blog to some things I’m very passionate about: People, Leadership and the Church.

Since then blogging has never been about me, yet it is helping me become better at life. I haven’t monetized my blog, I have yet to create a product, and though my traffic is increasing steadily, I have more people passing thru than participating in the community I’m trying to cultivate. Now I only mention the things that haven’t happened with my blog because many times we are equating “better” with how much we are making, what we are producing, and who is reading or watching.

“Better” for me is a journey I’m still on. I think some of the things I mentioned above are in my blog’s future, but if none of it ever happens here are some things blogging is helping me get better at.

1.  A Better Writer – Ironically the most spiritual class I ever took in college was English. People are baffled when I tell them that but it’s true. I never felt God more than when I was reading and writing in my English class. Blogging has helped me rediscover my God-given passion for reading and writing and has challenged me to explore the possibilities of one day becoming an author.

2.  A Better Speaker- Blogging has caused me to become a better speaker, a better story teller, a better closer.  I’ve noticed that the more I blog, the better I communicate. When I’m preparing a message to deliver I’m spending more time with the art of delivering it, than the form of creating it.

3. A Better Leader – I quoted Pastor Ray Johnston in my post last week, but it rings true when it comes to my blogging experience. “If Your not Learning Today, You wont be Leading Tomorrow.” Blogging has opened up an entire new world of leadership because it is connecting me with leaders I would have never interacted with if I wasn’t blogging. I blog, therefore I connect with other bloggers. These bloggers are making me become a better leader when I participate in there community by leaving a comment, sharing their content or just connecting through email and getting their feedback.

4. A Better Pastor – Blogging has helped me with processing the Monday morning blues many pastors experience on a weekly basis. It assists me in bringing clarity to things that are bogging me down. When I blog the burden lifts and the blues dissipate. My mind is cleared of the clutter and chatter and I can focus on the positive instead of the negative.

5. A Better Friend – I’m always encouraged by someone who says they were encouraged by one my posts, a book I recommended or a hard topic I addressed. I couldn’t possibly sit down personally with each person that reads my blog but I’m thrilled that it keeps me connected to people I care about and people I’m meeting for the first time. Blogging has allowed me to sustain existing friendships and expand my influence in their lives.

Blogging to a better life is not just about what your blog can do for you, it’s what your blog can do for others. I’m inspired by those that are using social media to influence and impact the world that lies beyond their blog and helping people build better lives. A better life for me is making others around me better.

How has blogging helped you? I would appreciate any comments you have.



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    Nice post Dean! Blogging does seem to have a mysterious dynamic to it that is very rewarding. It’s gotta be a close cousin of journaling or something because I feel like a better believer and leader as a result of blogging too. Great thoughts here…

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      For sure. I actually think blogging has allowed me to connect my private world with my public world which I think has been healthy for me and hopefully intriguing and interesting for my community.

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