Why Everything You Try Isn't Working

Duct TapeHave you ever wondered why everything that you try, the thing that is working for everyone else, is not working for you? Most of us have experienced the frustration of attempting something that we were told would work, could work and should work, but it is not working for us at all.  Why is that?

Problem solving is not a one size fits all process, and though there can be general principles that guide us to solutions; everything you try isn’t alway going to work no matter who said it, wrote it, or how much you paid for it. Here are several reasons why everything you try isn’t working:

1. You’re missing the point of your mishap. Sometimes when everything is not working, it may have everything to do with you. Ouch. That hurt to write, but it’s true. You will never find a solution to a problem that has nothing to do with you. When everything is not working you must take time to self examine. Problem solvers always look in the mirror first and ask themselves the hard questions when there are no easy answers. Questions like, What could I have done better?, How could I have avoided this problem?, Was I responsible in anyway for the problem?

2. You’re looking for a quick fix. Many times when everything is not working, it’s because you didn’t take time to fix it right the first time. When I think of a quick fix I think of Duct Tape. I’ve personally wrapped it around radiator hoses, garden hoses, tires, and balls. I’ve used it to patch things, hang things, and hold things together. It’s amazing stuff and it is recommended to use at home, at school, and at the office for everyday repairs. The truth about Duct Tape however is that it’s only going to get you by your problem and not through your problem. Quick fixes never eliminate your problem, it only extends the deadline of finding a long term solution.

3. You’re not listening. When everything is not working it might be because you haven’t really listened to anyones advice. I’ve sat in many one on one meetings, taken multiple phone calls and answered numerous emails where I’ve found myself offering several solutions to a selective listener. A selective listener has a tendency to only listen to solutions that will not cause them any pain or discomfort. If your not willing to listen to good advice it is an indicator that your unwilling to learn the real answer to your problem.

4. You’re not really trying. When you say you have tried everything and it’s not working, your not really trying, your lying. The key to finding a solution to your problem is being truthful and honest about your problem. An alcoholic will never recover without admitting he or she is an alcoholic, a suffering marriage will never be restored without a husband and wife confessing their shortcomings, a struggling student that is getting poor grades will never get good grades unless she takes responsibility for her study habits. To try something is to make an honest effort to do everything you can do to make it work.

5. You’re not trusting.  At this point when and if everything is not working, it is possible that you are not trusting. The Message paraphrase puts it this way, Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track (Proverbs 3:5-6). Could it be that you are overlooking the solution your looking for because you have failed to look to God for a solution? Every problem requires trusting in someone greater than yourself and God is the SOMEONE with the SOMETHING for every problem.  

This week if you find that everything you try is not working, ask yourself why it’s hasn’t been working by using the list above. If you need some encouragement leave a comment and I will reply.


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