5 Free Creative Sermon Series Ideas

Not everyone has the luxury of having a creative team around them, or a creative person that they can brainstorm with. So if your struggling to come up with some ideas for your messages on your own let me be a blessing to you. Here are 5 months worth of FREE creative sermon series ideas. You can access audio to some of these messages by searching our channel at sermon.net or clicking the title below the graphic. Download them, use them, make them your own.

Live Lighter_bug

#1 Live Lighter

We challenged our congregation to Live Lighter by focusing on living obedient lives. Titles to the messages included: A Healthy Heart, Lighten Your Load, Weighed Down and Shine Brighter.


#2 Barriers

One of my favorite series because we talked about some hard stuff that often goes unaddressed. We covered topics that included Racial Barriers, Religious Barriers and Relational Barriers. Dr. Sam Huddleston came and addressed Racial Barriers. Great man of God and story teller.

Off Road_title

#3 Off Road- Spiritual Adventures of a Missional Life

We got this idea after reading Earl Creps book Off Road Disciplines – Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders. We also had him come and help teach during this series. Covered topics such as death-to-self, humility and teachability.


#4 Highways – Journey through Proverbs

Not our ways but God’s HighWays. Get it? Shared wisdom out of the book of Proverbs as it applies to everyday life. A great series with a lot of real life application.


#5 The Goodness of God

A sermon series based on Randy Alcorn’s book The Goodness of God. We take the topic of Faith in the Midst of Suffering head on! A great series in light of the ongoing tragedies that are happening in our world today. A challenging topic that help answer the hard questions people have when life deals them a blow.



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