When God Says No

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Sometimes we live our lives as though we should always be hearing a “YES” from God, yet if we are taking time to pray about a need, a decision, a desire or a dream we must be willing to accept a “NO” from God. There are plenty of healthy “NO’s” from God’s word to consider and learn from that will help you from becoming frustrated… Read More »

How to Keep Your Peace

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Two weeks ago I got one of those calls you never like to receive. On the other end of the line was my son, devastated from the news of what a MRI revealed: two labrum tears , surgery, and football training camp coming to screeching halt. As a parent it’s easy to become anxious. With 2,300 miles of distance separating us, I was stunned by… Read More »

When God Breathes on Bones

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Throughout my years in ministry I’ve had the opportunity to tweak, develop, and implement structures and systems to assist churches to assimilate, disciple and empower their people at greater levels. Generally leaders are cautious and even hesitant when it comes to creating structure and developing systems, yet leaders must understand it is critical for facilitating and releasing life within their church. Therefore it is important… Read More »

The Necessities of Leadership


In leadership unnecessary things happen to leaders when the necessary things for leadership are ignored. Companies implode, churches die, families’ fracture, followers scatter, and leaders are destroyed. As a leader there are some non-negotiable necessities you must take along with you on your leadership journey. Encouragement – You must have a source of encouragement. It can be a person or it can be a podcast,… Read More »

3 Qualities of Healthy Programs

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In 1998 I was handed a book, Where Do We Go From Here? written by Dr. Ralph Neighbour, which struck a chord in my heart and caused me to examine my philosophy of ministry and make a radical shift away from traditional church programming by immersing myself in the small group church movement. I have helped several churches transition to successful small group structures that helped connect… Read More »

Are We Addicted to Programs?

As I promised at the end of my post last week, I’m going to do my best to answer the question, Are We Addicted to Programs? I want to begin by saying that I’m not against programs. I’ve started many impactful programs over the years and have managed to kill a few ineffective programs as well. I’ve learned programs take a lot of strength to start and a… Read More »

What’s the Catch?

Imagine with me for a moment that you are living during Jesus’ lifetime.  He is walking through villages, the marketplaces, and on the shores of Galilee offering people whatever they need. You see him coming from a distance! This is your opportunity. It’s going to be a good day! As Jesus approaches, you can hardly wait to ask Him, He is now there standing in front… Read More »

Essentials of an Empowering Leader


I’m currently reading a great book on leadership that has caused me to do some reflection on my life as a leader. One of those areas I’ve reflected on is the concept of empowering others. I think this is an area that trips up even the best of leaders. It’s easy to talk about empowering others, but what is the evidence that others are experiencing empowerment as a direct… Read More »